First Stop

This blog  promises to talk about organizational communication and social media. Such big words. So where do I begin?

Organizational communication, which happens to be my major, is quite hard to explain. Simply put, it deals with the processes of communication in all kinds of organizations–corporations, NGOs, non-profit organizations, etc. In reality though, it’s not simple at all.

Communication goes beyond public speaking, presentations, and group discussions. I particularly prefer viewing organizational communication (from now on referred to as OrCom) as a field in the social sciences. To understand how an organization communicates, we need to understand how the people in it think, act, and interact with each other.

Social media isn’t as hard to explain. Anyone who’s reading this is probably aware of–if not ever so slightly addicted to–social media. But this blog aims to explore what lies beyond the usual, all-too-personal realm of blogs and social networks. For the next five months (and a lifetime, perhaps) I will be sharing what I’ll learn about how organizations are adapting to one of the most revolutionary communication trends we’ve come across.

The Social Media Landscape

I won’t claim to be an expert. As my professor says, no one–not even digital marketing/PR companies–can claim to be an expert in something that has only been around for so many years.

The way I see it, social media is this unmapped metropolis which we’re all just learning to navigate. Organizations, just like individuals, are just learning where the right stops are; when to cross and when to stay put–and often they come by these lessons the hard way.

Personally, that’s how I learn best too. So join me in my commute, as I jaywalk from one story/insight/lesson to the next.