Check Yourself Out: On Online Reputations

My grade school carpool mates and I used to make fun of vain people who checked themselves out on tinted car windows. Often they wouldn’t notice that there were people inside the van and they’d stand preening in front of the windows. Sometimes, as a prank, we’d knock on the window to startle them. Their expressions were priceless. So here’s a protip for you fellow commuters: Avoid the urge to do your grooming in front of the tinted windows of parked cars. You never know what crazy kids—or hidden cameras—they hold.

If there’s one place you should check yourself out on all the time though, it has got to be the internet. Quick, do a Google search of your name. What did you find?

Because I’m vain like that, here are my latest Google search results:

"Rizza Fortajada" vs. "Rz Fortajada" Click for larger version.

Just the way I want it, the results for my full name are more professional, with the first being my LinkedIn profile, the next being my Facebook page, and most of the others being about my blogs (inlcuding this one). However, I’m not quite fond of the Multiply blog post and my long-forgotten MySpace account. I was able to remedy the Multiply blog post by making it restricted, but because I forgot the fact that I even signed up for MySpace (let alone my password), I can’t edit it any more. It’s not controversial or anything, anyway. On the other hand, the search results for my nickname reveal more personal sites such as my personal blog, Twittter, and Tumblr.

This is definitely an improvement from last year, when a search for my name resulted in my embarassing highschool Friendster account, and several posts from other people. At least now, majority of the sites that come up in the first page are sites I can edit. In managing your online reputation, it’s best to speak for yourself, and not let other people do all the talking about you—because you never know what they might say.

So go ahead, check yourself out—online, I mean.

About rz fortajada
20, Student | Frustrated Rockstar | Part-time Ninja Turtle | Blogger

6 Responses to Check Yourself Out: On Online Reputations

  1. Good job on this Rz. 🙂

  2. arraayes says:

    I’m definitely guilty of this!

    I google myself whenever i have the time because I’m so paranoid of someone copying me or writing something not good about me.

    I think this is normal (in a way) because with social media anything can be possible and this gives us a reason to be more careful of what we post.


    I actually had a crazy idea of monitoring my name through google alerts but i realized that was already over the top. LOL

    GOOD JOB RZ! 🙂

  3. Brian says:

    Managing our online reputation is very important. It’s quite scary how much information one google search can reveal about us. In my case, even my mobile number can be found online. :l

  4. Haha. I do google my name from time to time. So far, the top search results are about or of me. Some people have a hard time separating their identity from similarly named persons though. Can you suggest ways in order to solve that problem?

  5. Monini says:

    Wow, your Facebook account is searchable. Mine is not, I think? I just set the privacy settings to something that inhibits people using search engines to find my Facebook account. Hihihi. 🙂

  6. nicolavibes says:

    The first time I Googled my name was just last year. HAHA. I really didn’t know what to expect of the results but fortunately, there were no negative things about me. AND MY FRIENDSTER ACCOUNT DIDN’T COME OUT. hahaha

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