The Social Support Network

We’re all familiar with how Facebook plays such a big part in our social and work life nowadays. Just last night, I was participating in three different meetings via Facebook groups—talk about a social media explosion. Important announcements, queries, and entire reports can be planned using FB groups when time doesn’t allow a face to face meeting.
But social networks aren’t all about stress for me. This particular sem, I personally experienced how Facebook can keep a senior student sane despite all the sleepless nights and deadlines.

Facebook has served as a social support network for me and most of my batchmates—particularly our batch page, and our thesis class page.

Don't know where I'd be without OrCom 2012 and the Burn Babies. Posts are blurred for the sake of our reputations.

Whenever we get confused about requirements, or run out of ideas (or of hope, as we tend to do), we can post away and rely on our batchmates to help us out or give us a virtual hug of encouragement. I honestly can’t imagine doing all this stressful work without my batchmates and our damayan system. In stressful situations like these, reaching out and having people respond to you helps significantly lessen the burnout.

Sometimes even The Commedian needs cheering up. And we've got his back.

This year, I rarely see some of my batchmates, who aren’t my classmates in any subjects. But talking to them on our batch page or on Twitter keeps us bonded and up to date on each other’s stories. Even my former blockmates and my OrCom alumni friends who have graduated use social media to make us feel their support.

I guess this can also serve as a reminder to take care of any organization’s internal communication. With most of the posts in this blog I’ve examined different cases of external communication (the good and the bad), but social media isn’t just for projecting your organization’s good image out to the public. An organization can only function as well as its individual members can—and social media can help with that as well. For organizations like our batch, who are composed of a lot of members who don’t meet all the time, online forums or communities can be a great way to keep them from feeling like strangers to each other. It’s also a lot more comfortable for the more reserved members to reach out to others they may not normally be close to.

Social media helps OrCom 2012 survive senior year together. What can it do for your group?

This post goes out to OrCom 2012 for being a batch more awesome than I could have ever wished for. (Ayieee. Ang keso.)

We're awesome. That's all you have to know about this batch.

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9 Responses to The Social Support Network

  1. Brian says:

    This post really made me smile. Nagflashback lahat ng pinagdaanan natin sa thesis class! hahaha I agree with you that our FB pages have been our support groups all this time. They remind us that we are never alone through whatever stress we may encounter. One sem to go! 😀

  2. ivanaabiog says:

    Aww. ❤ One of the best support systems on the planet. 🙂

  3. commrehab says:

    OrCom students should get the award for using Facebook groups and ‘meetings’. Talk about using something to the hilt. Goodjob OrCommuter! It was a nice journey. (Get it? Get it?)

  4. mackywafu says:

    It gives me pride and honor to be part of this awesome batch. It’s always a joy to see how we continuously conquer the challenges of college while still having fun. How we strongly support each other in everything. How we use the things we learn from our dear professors like Sir Barry (e.g. use social media to strengthen offline relationships) :’> haha!

  5. hannahlois15 says:

    We definitely utilized Facebook very well. Our FB group is like a board room meeting but it is also an amusement park where you get all the fun. I’m really grateful for not doing all these deadlines alone. OrCom 2012 is truly an amazing batch! Kudos to us OrCommuter 🙂

  6. Mig Atienza says:

    the commedian must not cry. must. hold. back. tears. hahaha!

  7. Arlet says:

    GYAHAHAH so much for blurring Rz! But it’s true, I wouldn’t know about the requirements if it weren’t for Mara and the others who keep posting on OrCom 2012 and Burn babies. More so, the commedian and less complicated are really good support systems 😀

    • rz fortajada says:

      Why, didn’t I blur enough? Hahaha. I’m so glad to have you guys as thesis-mates, especially you and Migs, who can always make us laugh despite the stressful requirements. 😛

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