From Socially Awkward to Social Alpha

Recently, I blogged about Nikon’s socially awkward moment. Today, I make a confession: I myself am socially awkward. I’ve been very introverted for the most part of my life, but in my constant quest for self-improvement, I realized that I needed to become better at relating with people. So for the last 5 years, I’ve been working on my social skills—and trust me, it is not easy work. On some days, after the exhaustion of keeping conversations going long after my introversion kicks in, I start to feel like it’s a lost cause. “This is hopeless,” I say to myself. “You just can’t change who you are.”

But wait—you apparently can, to some extent. Remember how my previous blog introduced Brad Geiser’s concept of organizations moving from the commercial to the social sphere? Well last Saturday, we had the honor of having Ms. Janette Toral (digital entrepreneur, experienced consultant, researcher, and speaker extraordinaire) of Digital Filipino talk to our class about the fundamentals of e-commerce. It was one of the most informative and inspiring talks I’ve heard in a while, and among many other useful things, she talked about Brad’s concept of the social alpha—people who naturally excel at forming communities of people around themselves.

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